April 30/30 Poetry Challenge: Then and Now

Then and Now

By Seth Rogovoy


That was then and this is now
And never the twain shall meet
Got that?

Don’t choo-choo me
I’ve heard it all before
You can’t possibly expect me to believe you
After what you pulled
What am I, a caboose to you?

Don’t tug on my heartstrings
I’m not about to bleed
Ice water runs in my veins
You said it yourself
What are you, the frozen man?

Don’t go getting any bright ideas
You’re no Thomas Alva Edison
Your thoughts all aglow
In these luminous surroundings
Have you no incandescence?

Shame on you
And the horse you rode in on
Jockeying for position
The inside track
Along the rail
Trailing behind
Now and then
Then, and again.


Written for the WordXWord April 30/30 Poetry Challenge


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