On Bias vs. Objectivity in BerkshireDaily

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Over the past few weeks and months, some readers have complained about a perceived bias in these columns, especially pertaining to Obama vs. Romney and Democrats vs. Republicans.

Take note that this newsletter is “The Rogovoy Report’s BerkshireDaily” – not “Fair and Balanced’s BerkshireDaily.” It is precisely the editorial – or “curatorial,” to use the buzzword of the day – selection of articles that distinguishes this column and makes it different from some randomly generated, computer-driven collection of articles from across the spectrum, political or otherwise.

Besides which, almost every news service or news organization betrays some sort of bias in its reporting, opinion pieces, and choice of story coverage. We never claimed to be free of a point of view here, nor did we ever promise to remain “neutral” or “objective.” And it’s our sincere belief that the vast majority of our subscribers wouldn’t want BerkshireDaily to jettison its point of view, as reflected in story choices, summaries, headlines, and occasional commentaries.

We are what we are, and that’s all that we can be. We certainly hope and strive to be informative, educational, and entertaining. And yes, perhaps, at times, suggestive or even provocative. To be any less would be bland and boring and, in the long run, would be doing our readers – meaning you, my friend  – a disservice.

So let the sparks fly. And, yes, four more years!

— Seth Rogovoy, editor and publisher, BerkshireDaily



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