Guitarist Charlie Hunter Brings New Sounds to Club Helsinki Hudson

Guitarist Charlie Hunter

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – From the opening bars of “Assessing the Assessors,” the first track on Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead, it’s clear that renowned guitarist Charlie Hunter and drummer Scott Amendola have gone someplace new and different. The duo, which performs at Club Helsinki Hudson on Friday, October 19, 2012, at 9pm, creates the sound of an after-hours jazz trio jamming on the blues. Think Buddy Guy meets Miles Davis.

Hunter’s first album of original material in three years, Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead is a collection of 10 songs centered around the theme of the album’s title. It was recorded with both musicians playing in the same room simultaneously, with no headphones, and there’s no mixing, editing or overdubs on the album. Hunter’s playing is never showy, always economical, and purely narrative – he’s no jam-band showboat, but truly a singer and storyteller through his instrument.

Hunter is a musician of astounding virtuosity, his roots going back to the Bay Area jazz scene. After high school he moved to Paris, and returned to California to join The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Michael Franti’s 1990’s political hip hop group. He discussed his discovery of customized instruments with the Wall Street Journal, saying “I took all the things I liked about guitar, bass and drums and made it into one instrument.” Hunter’s versatility was showcased in the group, playing a seven-stringed guitar as well as the organ. The group opened for U2 in 1992. Hunter was one of the first members of the judging panel for the Independent Music Awards.

In 1993 Hunter played at Lollapalooza, and released his first self-titled album Charlie Hunter Trio recording with artists such as Norah Jones and Leon Parker. He has released seventeen albums and started a jazz fusion band (Garage A Trois) with Stanton Moore and Skerik. Hunter appears on Live at the Tonic and The Coalition of the Willing playing six string guitar, and toured with a trio that included keyboardist Erik Deutsch and drummer Simon Lott. In 2010 Hunter released the solo album Public Domain, comprised of beloved covers chosen by his 100-year-old grandfather.

His work on the festival circuit earned him a title under the jam band greats. However his music is far more multifarious, each layer exposing a new musical realm. His custom made guitars allow him exceptional musical license, layering an entire spectrum of sounds through a single instrument. He mixes funk with folk, jazz with reggae, rock with electronics, always maintaining his own tonal character. Again with the Wall Street Journal, Hunter outlined his artistic pursuits in performance, saying “I’m trying to deal with time and the groove, that’s my daily quest. To connect with the audience in a deep way, not an intellectually sadistic way. I don’t believe in pandering. You have to come from your honest place.” His intentions are audible and you feel those deep grooves in your pit, and it rattles you, without thought or pretense.

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