Spotty Dog Features Triple Bill of Ambient Drones

Jeff Barsky aka Insect Factory

Jeff Barsky aka Insect Factory

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – A triple bill of electro-ambient drone music, featuring Insect Factory, Public Speaking, and Jeremy Purser, will take place at Spotty Dog Books & Ale on Thursday, April 9, 2015, at 8pm. The performers come from Washington DC, Brooklyn, and the Hudson Valley, and variously all descend musically from Brian Eno’s ambient experiments of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Insect Factory is music from Washington D.C.-area musician Jeff Barsky. Insect Factory focuses on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones. Since the 1990s, Barsky has continuously played in bands and improvisational collectives, and has performed all over the U.S., in Canada, throughout Europe, and Japan.

Barsky has collaborated alongside musicians such as Joe Lally (Fugazi) and Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine), and his various projects have shared the stage with acts as diverse as Nels Cline, Lungfish, and Carla Bozulich. Barsky has also performed at the Suoni Il Per Popolo festival in Montreal, Terrastock 7 in Louisville, KY, and D.C.’s Sonic Circuits, Queering Sound, and Fringe Festivals. His music has been likened to the feel of a plane ride through the clouds and the surreal world of dreams, a psychedelic mind-rinse, and “…woozy and warbly, wheezing melodies, layered textures, softly distorted and dreamily chaotic.”

Jeremy Purser

Jeremy Purser

Brooklyn’s Public Speaking is the music of composer/multi-instrumentalist Jason Anthony Harris. His recordings are meticulously produced soundscapes of piano, guitar, electronics and more. Live, he uses voice, found objects, radio, and tape recorder, poring over pedals to loop, warp and augment these sources.

Jeremy Purser composes Brian Eno-like electro-ambient music especially made for indoor cats.

Spotty Dog is at 440 Warren Street in Hudson, NY. All performances are open to all ages. Unless noted otherwise, performances are $5.





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