Articles published elsewhere

Most of Seth Rogovoy’s original writing now appears in his Substack column, Everything Is Broken, and in the pages of The Forward, the global, online, English-language edition of the venerable Jewish/Yiddish media outlet. Seth also contributes music and book reviews to the Hudson Valley lifestyle and culture magazine Chronogram and to other publications.

Links to these articles published elsewhere are compiled here below, the most recently published being at the top of the list. (Some articles may be behind a paywall.)

ROGOVOY REPORT 2.26.24: In this week’s Rogovoy Report, Ralph Gardner Jr asks if he should feel guilty about taking the best seat at restaurants, Clare de Boer’s dining empire, how indie cinemas are trying to survive, the rescue of a mural hidden in the attic of a one-time 18th-century synagogue in North Adams, and our weekly Fascist Takeover Watch.

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN 2.23.24: Reviews of The Zone of Interest, Oppenheimer, and American Fiction

THE ROGOVOY REPORT WEEKEND CULTURAL PREVIEW 2.23.24: The Rogovoy Report’s weekend cultural preview for Berkshires and Hudson Valley includes guitarist Gary Lucas, vocalist Johanna Hedva, the Grand Kyiv Ballet, Mary Fahl, and more. Link in bio.

THE ROGOVOY REPORT 1.30.24: Holocaust Artist’s Hudson, N.Y., Exhibition Another Casualty of War — Phillip Schwartz’s Holocaust-themed artworks were to be shown at Hudson Hall. Schwartz withdrew his participation after the venue chose to add a “Muslim perspective” to the Holocaust exhibition.

EVERYTHING IS BROKEN 1.20.24: I don’t ordinarily review recordings or creative works by friends, but the latest edition of my Everything Is Broken Substack newsletter includes reviews of recent recordings by (my friends) Frank London and Lauren Passarelli.

ROGOVOY REPORT 1.15.24: This week’s Rogovoy Report includes links to articles on how to be a better audience member, Adam Schiff’s pro-democracy plan (including ending the Electoral College and expanding the Supreme Court), how writing leads to critical thinking, and why children living near green spaces have stronger bones

REVIEW: Track 29: Nicolas Roeg’s 1988 film is a psychological thriller starring Theresa Russell, Gary Oldman, Christopher Lloyd, and Sandra Bernhard, produced by George Harrison’s HandMade Films (Everything Is Broken/Substack)

REVIEW: My Favorite Books of 2023 (Everything Is Broken/Substack)

REVIEW: There’s more to Madonna’s Jewish story than just Kabbalah and social media posts about Israel (The Forward)

On the Virtues of Sensitivity: Long viewed as a form of weakness, sensitivity could prove to be the only, ultimate hope for the survival of the human race. (Everything Is Broken/Substack)

ROGOVOY REPORT: Berkshire and Hudson Valley Weekend Preview 11.21.23 (Substack)

REVIEW: Considering the Beatles, ‘Now and Then’: The Beatles “new” single sounds nothing like the Beatles, which is its greatest virtue (Everything Is Broken/Substack)

CD and BOOK REVIEW: With a new (old) album, a tour with (old) new songs, and a giant new book, Bob Dylan remains a neverending juggernaut (review of the new Bob Dylan “Complete Budokan 1978” box set and the “Mixing Up the Medicine” catalog put together by the Bob Dylan Center and Archive (The Forward)

CD REVIEW: Maya Beiser’s Infinite Bach (Chronogram)

REVIEW: A reinvigorated Bob Dylan at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, N.Y., 10.31.23 (Substack)

Rogovoy Report: Berkshire and Hudson Valley Weekend Preview 10.24.23 (Substack)

How Gentle Giant — a cult Scottish-Jewish prog-rock band — finally hit the Top 10 more than four decades after they broke up (Forward)

My Summer of Munch: The powerful emotions rendered in and extending outward from Munch’s work have given me a mystical experience, an inner glimpse, a close encounter with one of the great prophets of the 20th century (Substack)

Rogovoy Report: Berkshire and Hudson Valley Weekend Preview 9.22.23 (Substack)

Rogovoy Report: Berkshire and Hudson Valley Weekend Preview 9.5.23 (Substack)

The secret Jewish history of Jimmy Buffett: There was a surprisingly kosher side to the late artist — even if his idea of paradise involved the consumption of cheeseburgers (Forward)

Waiting for the Fall: Summer isn’t everyone’s favorite season (Everything Is Broken)