Lights, Camera, Ginsberg!

Jack Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg

Jack Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg

There is an exhibition of photographs by Allen Ginsberg, taken over the course of five decades, many of them portraits of his Beat era friends and colleagues, including William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky, running currently at New York University’s Grey Art Gallery. I paid a visit to the show – “Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg” , which includes plenty of self-portraits of Ginsberg as well as photos of other friends and acquaintances, including Bob Dylan, artist Larry Rivers, filmmaker and music archivist Harry Smith, actor Warren Beatty and pop star Madonna – last month, just before it opened, and wrote about it for The Forward, which has published my story in this week’s hard-copy and online issue. Please take a look at my review, and I encourage you to go see the show for yourself.




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