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While the BerkshireDaily e-newsletter, which is delivered free to your inbox Monday through Friday by 7 a.m., is curated with the ideal, culturally astute Berkshire reader in mind, it is not by any means only about the Berkshires, because as much as that ideal reader wants to know about what’s happening in his town and those around him, he is equally curious about the greater region, the nation, foreign lands, and the globe.

This is why every edition of BerkshireDaily provides a mix of stories ranging from the latest studies on health and wellness to global economics to consumer trends, technological innovation, environmental catastrophe (a favorite topic of ours, in the hopes of getting people to act to save the planet), to food, drink, recreation, personal finance, and, of course, detailed coverage of the cultural scene both here in the Berkshires and across the globe, with a particular emphasis on New York City and Boston as well as in European capitals and around the world.

All this, of course, in addition to the Top Stories of the Day from the Middle East, Africa, the Far East, the Western Hemisphere, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. And sometimes, when they merit coverage, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

BerkshireDaily aggregates the most fascinating think-pieces from a broad range of publications on politics, the arts, and philosophy, and, in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential election, keeps a close watch on developments, especially on the ever-changing dynamics of the Republican field of candidates.

All this is to say that while the name is BerkshireDaily, and it is edited from and for those either in the Berkshires or who wish they were in the Berkshires, BerkshireDaily is a valuable resource for any culturally and politically savvy person no matter where he finds himself turning on his computer, whether in New York, Boston, London, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Tokyo, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Washingon D.C., Seattle, Cairo, Prague, Berlin, Moscow, Djibouti, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, Anchorage, Mumbai, Abbotabad, Paris, Copenhagen, New Rochelle, Montreal, or Norfolk, Conn.

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