Are You Not Receiving Your BerkshireDaily?

Imagine if the U.S. Postal Service decided willy-nilly that it was no longer going to deliver your New Yorker magazine. Just arbitrarily picking on that magazine, for no reason at all.

Something similar to this appears to be happening with some major ISPs – Internet Service Providers.

According to MainStreetMail, the Lenox, Mass.-based company that manages the sending of BerkshireDaily and BerkshireWeekend, several major ISPs have been blocking all mail coming from its mail server since late last week.

If you did not receive BerkshireDaily last Friday and today, this is probably why. The e-newsletters are being sent to you as always. But your ISP  — to which you are presumably paying a monthly fee to deliver mail that you have requested – has arbitrarily decided to block your subscription to BerkshireDaily and BerkshireWeekend.

If this is the case, PLEASE contact your ISP’s customer service department and let them know that you don’t appreciate having mail that you have requested being arbitrarily blocked.

We apologize for this circumstance beyond our control. In the meantime, MainStreetMail is attempting to track down all the ISPs that are applying this block and requesting that they lift it.

But as paying customers, you are the ones who ultimately have leverage with your ISPs. We can only ask; you can demand.

In the meantime, please read BerkshireDaily on the web by going here.




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