Gallery Hosts Two-Day Art Sale

Work by Mona Mark

(HILLSDALE, N.Y.) – Architecture for Art Gallery (AforA) will offer a two-day holiday art sale Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4, 2011, from noon to 7pm, featuring selected works under $1,000 at 25% off. Artists represented include Mona Mark, Guy Nouri, Grigori Fateyev, Andrew MacNair, Jon Piasecki, Jim Holl, Jim Long, Ieva Mediodia, Bart Gulley, Martha Bone, and Paul Rocheleau. There will also be a wine and spirits tasting hosted by B&G Wine on Saturday, December 3, from 5 to 7pm. The gallery is located at 2633 Route 23 in Hillsdale, in the B&G Wine Building.

Architecture for Art began as a website six years ago and opened its doors as a gallery on October 23, 2010. “Architecture for Art is about the question of space and how that space affects the experience of artwork,” says gallerist Liane Torre. “Art is an experience and the architecture that holds the art is an essential part of that experience. Our mission is to bring the intersection of art and architecture together.”

Architecture for Art is a collective effort bringing together disparate artists, architects, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, museumgoers, and all who share a passion for art, architecture, design, music, and the natural landscape. AforA’s aim is to inspire and connect lovers of art and architecture from around the world in order to create an affective – and effective – role for architecture at a crossroads with the arts.

Work by Guy Nouri

AforA seeks to create a single-source think-tank as an incubator of new ideas for art and space – including museum and gallery design, art in nature, and the dynamics of private and public spaces. It provides information and open communication internationally on art and the space we live in through its gallery exhibitions, website, films and events. AforA attempts to give people a more personal, intimate portrait of remarkable artists and architects who are involved with a deep and significant production that teaches and inspires on all levels – artistically, professionally, intellectually, and culturally.

Architecture for Art offers

•Exhibitions about, into, and across Architecture, Art, Design, and Nature

•Documentaries with leading artists, architects, curators and collectors

•Video walls of some of the world’s great art spaces

•Cultural events, talks, and panel discussions on art and space

•A monthly publication called SPLASH


Work by Grigori Fateyev

Current and upcoming exhibitions:

November 12-December 11, 2011:

Martha Bone: Sculpture and Installation

Bart Gulley: Painting / Collage


January 21- March 4, 2012:

Gerard Malanga:  Photographs


Architecture for Art Gallery (AforA)






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