My Favorite Albums of 2012

by Seth Rogovoy

I keep hoping that I will find the time to write about these recordings, but if I wait for that to happen, the change of the calendar year will most likely come and go and it will really be old news and no one will care what my favorite albums of 2012 were (as if they even do now). I already missed my former self-imposed just-after-Thanksgiving/early-December deadline timed handily for your holiday shopping needs.

So with still some hope that I will elaborate on just why some of these were my favorite albums of the past year; and with the understanding that I long ago ceased even to feign trying to keep up with nearly everything of import that is released during the year; and with no apologies made for the arbitrary nature of my taste; yet with the confidence that owing to the wonders of Spotify and a few influential friends (some of whose listening I have actually influenced this past year), I did make the rare discovery of more than one artist new to me this past year, I give you this list of my favorite albums of the past year, in no particular order. These were the ones that had me listening repeatedly, in most cases almost to the point of becoming sick of them. They were that good:

  1. Bobby Womack, “The Bravest Man in the Universe”
  2. Daughn Gibson, “All Hell”
  3. Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, “Theatre Is Evil”
  4. Bob Dylan, “Tempest”
  5. Leonard Cohen, “Old Ideas”
  6. The Wallflowers, “Glad All Over”
  7. Dr. John, “Locked Down”
  8. Patti Smith, “Banga”


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