How to Write Highly Effective Press Releases

Seth Rogovoy

Seth Rogovoy

Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of your press releases? Are you getting the sort of press coverage that you desire (and deserve), or are you stymied by the difficulty of getting editors interested in your message, cause, event, organization or business? Do you want to know the secrets behind writing highly effective press releases?

With 25 years as an editor, journalist, and publicist, Seth Rogovoy brings a wealth of experience and insider knowledge to how to garner press coverage. Having been on both sides of the fence – on the receiving end of press releases and pitches looking for coverage in his work as editor-in-chief of Berkshire Living Magazine, as editor/publisher of the Rogovoy Report, as a weekly commentator on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, as music critic for the Berkshire Eagle, and as a freelance journalist for a host of publications, and having written press releases for businesses, individuals and organizations, including arts groups, cultural institutions, concert series, retail outlets, health and wellness centers, restaurants, food co-ops, community-supported agriculture farms, yoga studios, artists, writers and religious groups – Seth knows the inside skinny about what works – and what doesn’t.

As a marketing and communications consultant, Seth can help you answer the following questions:

–     What are the two basic kinds of press releases, and which one should I use?

–     How often should I send out press releases?

–     When should I follow up a press release with a phone call?

–     Am I using quotations correctly in my press releases?

–     Should I send press releases as attachments or body text?

–     Plain text or rich formatting?

–     How do editors decide what stories to run?

–     To whom should I send my press releases?

–     What can I realistically expect to happen after I send out a press release?

–     How can I increase the chances that my message gets to the top of the editor’s inbox and onto the page?

–     Print vs. web: what are the differences?

–     How does social media such as Facebook and Twitter play nicely with press releases?

–     What are the most common mistakes people make in press releases, and how can I avoid them?

–     What’s wrong with our press releases, and how can we write better ones?
Seth Rogovoy is available to consult on all these topics and more, face-to-face in one-on-one meetings; in group or departmental workshops; on a project or ongoing basis; or in e-mail or phone consultations.


Also available:

–          Media and publicity campaign strategizing and analysis

–          Social media strategizing

–          How to Think Like an Editor

–          How to Be an Editor’s Best Friend

–          Long-term press campaigns

–          Artist bios

–          Ghost-writing of press releases

–          Hand-holding through the scary world of garnering press attention


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