Sister Quartet Shel Brings Chamber-Pop Harmonies to Helsinki Hudson

SHEL(HUDSON, N.Y.) – Sister quartet SHEL, from Fort Collins, Colo., will bring its eclectic, rootsy folk-pop and four-part harmonies to Club Helsinki Hudson on Thursday, October 17, at 8pm. The concert is part of Helsinki’s commitment to emerging and rising artists.

Appealing to fans of Sarah McLachlan, Nickel Creek and Regina Spektor alike, SH EL gets its name from the four Holbrook sisters who comprise the group: Sarah (violin, bass), Hannah (piano, keyboards), Eva (mandolin, cello), and Liza (drums). All four sing; they were all classically trained and homeschooled by a professional songwriter father and an artist mother. What comes out when they join forces is at once wholly organic but also delicately beautiful – a latticework of chamber-pop that connects the dots between bluegrass, the Roches, Philip Glass and Led Zeppelin.

For reservations in The Restaurant or in the club call 518.828.4800.



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