Heather Fisch’s ‘Tarot Show’ Premieres at Mahaiwe

Opera Nouveau

Opera Nouveau

(GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass.) — Opera Nouveau’s “Tarot Show” will have world premiere at the Mahaiwe on Saturday, August 22, 2015, at 8pm, kicking off the company’s inaugural tour of the Northeast with stops in rural Maine, Manhattan, and Providence, R.I. The brainchild of performance artist Heather Fisch, “Tarot Show” is a blend of fortune-telling, physical theatre, audience participation, multimedia and live music.

“If you are intrigued by mysticism, sexy young performers, beautiful music, mathematics or bizarre characterizations of classical archetypes,” says Fisch about “Tarot Show,” “then you will love this.”

Seven tarot cards are selected at the beginning of each show and the cards chosen dictate both the story arc and the characters that appear throughout the evening. Working like a Rubik’s cube of twenty-one distinct vignettes, the trump cards from the tarot deck — The Magician, The Fool, The High Priestess – come to life in new permutations each night.

Heather Fisch

Heather Fisch

The piece has 586,051,200 distinct permutations and the resulting “choose-your-own-adventure” performance combines structure with chaos, synchronicity with entropy. You could see this show a thousand times and never see the same show twice.

Basil Cumberland, one of “Tarot Show”’s key concept contributors says, “We thought it would be interesting to work with prefabricated yet mystical archetypes. By randomly selecting content that is inherently rich in subconscious meaning, we are hoping to harness, in an artistic format, the concept of serendipity.”

Ultimately, “Tarot Show” is a tug of war between faith and science told with live accompaniment by post-modern chamber orchestra Quiet in the Head. “With all postulating aside,” says Cumberland, “we are designing the show to be consistently entertaining despite the inherent risks of format.

Heather Fisch, director/producer, performer and creative synergist specializes in handpicking performing artists with particularized talents and producing live theater programs that are fortified with the creative powers of each individual artist as well as the strength of her overarching creative vision.

Opera Nouveau

Opera Nouveau

Fisch studied theater and music at Simon’s Rock College and her experiments with clowning during a hitchhiking trip across Canada as a youth eventually led her to the streets of Europe where she labored as a street performer in Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Stockholm, Granada and Barcelona.

Tiring of the street life, she eventually enrolled in a physical theater academy in Barcelona, Teatro Estudi Victor Hernando, where she completed her studies in dramaturgy, direction, physical theater, clowning and the fine art of sauce-making.

Since her return from Europe in 2006, Fisch has been inspiring audiences with her original works for the stage and has produced hundreds of live music events at her numerous speakeasy venues in Western Mass.

For tickets, visit the Mahaiwe or call the box office at 413-528-0100.

(Photos by Lisa Vollmer)


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