Parsons Dance Performs at PS21 as Part of Three-Week Residency

Parsons Dance in the barn at PS21

Parsons Dance in the barn at PS21

(CHATHAM, N.Y.) – As part of a three-week long residency at PS21, Parsons Dance Company will perform on Friday and Saturday, August 28-29, at 8pm. The residency marks the tenth season that Parsons Dance has been at PS21, where the ensemble is making use of PS21’s facilities to develop new dance works, teach dance classes, offer open rehearsals, and create a community event.

Beginning with PS21’s first summer season in 2006, Parsons has come back each year to delight audiences with its upbeat, athletic, ensemble work. While in residence at PS21, David Parsons and guest choreographer Kate Skarpetowska will be working on new dance pieces.

Audiences will be invited to go behind the scenes to see Skarpetowska create a new work on the Parsons dancers choreographed to new music commissioned by Lev “Ljova” Zhurbin. Skarpetowska, a Parsons Dance alumna, will be working on a piece that explores themes of change, resistance to change, transformation, and memory. After the open rehearsal there will be a question and answer session with Skarpetowska and the dancers. These open rehearsals will provide a glimpse of a new work before it premieres at the Joyce Theater in 2016. The Open Rehearsals will be held on the PS21 stage on Wednesday, August 26 at 4pm, and Saturday, September 5, at 4pm.

Parsons Dance in the barn at PS21

Parsons Dance in the barn at PS21

The series of five Dance Workshops will be taught by a company member of Parsons Dance. The workshops are designed for students of all levels ages 13 to 18 years old. Students will learn proper warm up techniques and the Parsons style of movement through fun combinations set to popular music. The workshops meet Tuesday, August 25 and Wednesday, August 26 from 9am to 10:30 a.m. and Monday August 26 through Wednesday, September 2 from10-11:30 am. Fees are $50 for the five-class package, $12 for one class (pre-register), or $15 for one class (pay at door).

An interactive community event with Parsons Dance will take place on Labor Day, Monday, September 5. Details are to be announced.

David Parsons has enjoyed a remarkable career as dance performer, choreographer, teacher, director and producer, and is considered one of modern dance’s great living dance-makers. He was a leading dancer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company from 1978–87, and in 1985 he founded Parsons Dance with lighting designer Howell Binkley.

As artistic director, Parsons has created more than 80 works for the company, given more than 1,500 performances and participated in many educational and community outreach residency activities.


PS21: Performance Spaces for the 21st Century is a not-for-profit organization in Chatham, NY, dedicated to the performing arts and to serving a diverse community with concerts, programs and residencies by professional artists and ensembles, youth and children’s programming and cultural education opportunities for all ages.



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