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FINAL_Web_TSL_Poster(HUDSON, N.Y.) – Qu’est qui ce passe (What’s going on?), a video art installation featuring work by a half dozen international artists, takes place at TSL (Time and Space Limited) on Thursday, December 10, 2015, from 6 to 10pm. Curated by Shanekia McIntosh and Bianca Hildenbrand, the installation features videography by Zia Anger (USA), Maria Gysi (CH), Nathan Corbin (USA), Luc Gut (CH), Lena-Maria Thüring (CH) and Miles Pflanz (USA).

A statement by the curators offers insight into the presentation: “Not everything looks good on a computer screen or a smartphone but as video streaming becomes synonymous with the development of these technologies and the increasing accessibility of the products ‘video art’ has reached a height of unrestricted community.

“This show strives to offer up different answers to the question ‘Qu’est qui ce passe’ by using a kaleidoscopic perspective that offers up different technological approaches of video art from recent and not-so recent work. From the more tongue in cheek work of video artist Luc Gut (Switzerland) or Murat Ombombe, his tumblr alter ego, whose installation piece, Reanimation, is a collection of animated GIFs being looped with original animation from films found on

A still from video by Zia Anger

A still from video by Zia Anger

“Zia Anger (New York) presents a 5-channel video installation on old monitors breaking up her short film I Remember Nothing, which premiered at this past spring at the 44th annual New Directors/ New Films 2015. The video is about a young college girl who doesn’t know she has epilepsy and is structured after five phases of a seizure. Accompanying Anger’s installation, Nathan Corbin’s (Brooklyn) installation will be specific to VHS technology.

“In the gallery space of TSL there will be two different approaches on political representations. One is from artist Lena-Maria Thüring (Switzerland), who made actors give a political ‘election speech’ based on songs that were used in presidential candidate campaigns. As the language of popular culture is contrasted with the language of politic in Thüring’s piece, Miles Pflanz’s (Brooklyn) piece Pig Story a collaboration with musician Kate Levitt to realize a scenario written by the prisoners of Lincoln Correctional Facility in NYC. The short follows two prisoners escaping a claustrophobic situation and doing everyday things prisoners long to do. The results are surreal and slapstick, evocative of the grim humor prisoners share.

“There will also be a short screening program in the small theater of TSL featuring the work of Maria Gysi (Switzerland), who examined the digital film production and how it promotes the intuitive work to create the unconscious in a surrealist form.”
This event is free and open to the public.

Shanekia McIntosh is a writer, radio producer, curator, dj and artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. McIntosh moved to Hudson in 2010 and since then has been actively engaged in work throughout different mediums that develop around the idea of accessible community spaces most recently founding and publishing art + writing zine “Zero Cool”.

Bianca Hildenbrand is a multimedia artist and curator of the nonprofit gallery deux-piece. She was born in Switzerland and moved to New York City in 2012 and now lives in Hudson. In the past she has worked for the Electronic Arts Shift Festival in Basel and has been curating for deuxpiece since 2010 with exhibitions in Basel, Berlin and New York. As a video and sound artist she has shown her work at LISTE Basel, House of Electronic Arts and most recently in Athens, Greece.

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