Works for Trombone Featured in Richmond Benefit Concert

Ron Barron

Ron Barron

(RICHMOND, Mass.) – A recital of American music for trombone, featuring Ronald Barron, retired principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, will take place at Richmond Congregational Church (1515 State Road-Route 41) on Sunday, March 13, at 3pm. The concert, which will benefit the Richmond Emergency Fuel Assistance Fund, also includes pianist Larry Wallach, cornetist Allan Dean, violinist Ron Gorevic, and Greg Spirodopoulos conducting the University of Massachusetts Trombone Choir, performing a cross-section of American musical culture.  Three of the composers of music played today will be present to speak about their compositions.

Eric Ewazen, a teacher at the Juilliard School, will speak about his composition “Elizabethan Songbook,” a colorful four-movement journey through Elizabethan England. Norman Bolter, Barron’s Boston Symphony Orchestra colleague for more than three decades, will speak about “The Forgotten Animal,” his gift to Barron upon his orchestra retirement. This will be the world premiere of the work. And trombonist and composer Charles Small, of Scottsdale, Ariz., will comment on his work for trombone and violin, “Sliding and Stringing Along.”

In addition, the program will feature works by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John LaMontaine, David Jones, Herbert Clarke, and Barron’s college trombone teacher Ernst N. Glover.  The program offers a varied musical mix of 20th and 21st century American sounds and styles.



Conversations Op. 44 (1977)                               John LaMontaine (1920-2013)




Word Games


An Elizabethan Songbook (1998)             Eric Ewazen (b. 1954)

Come Away, Come Sweet Love

There is a Lady, Sweet and Kind

Weep You No More, Sad Fountain

Jack and Joan, they think no ill


The Forgotten Animal (2008)                               Norman Bolter (b. 1955)


The Final Scene from “Appalachian Spring”  Aaron Copland (1900-1990)

arr. Mark Hetzler




Sliding and Stringing Along (2015)                      Charles Small (b. 1924)

A Playful Piece for Trombone and Violin


Bone Moan (1986)                                                David Jones (b.1958 )


Pan’s Revels (1949)                                              Ernest N. Glover (1900-1968)


Side Partners (1912)                                             Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945)




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