Unique Piano Recital by Denman Maroney at Omi Gallery

Denman Maroney In Mexico City

Denman Maroney In Mexico City

(GHENT, N.Y.) – Denman Maroney will perform his unique language on the piano from within Fold and unfold, a solo exhibition of sculptures and drawings by Anne Lindberg, in a free concert at Omi’s Visitors Center & Gallery on Saturday, March 12, at 7pm.

Maroney’s “hyperpiano” involves bowing and sliding the piano strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, singing bowls, and other household objects to provide his unique sonic vocabulary.

The music of Denman Maroney is inspired by nature and the music of John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Henry Cowell, Duke Ellington, Charles Ives, Scott Joplin, Olivier Messiaen, Thelonious Monk, Conlon Nancarrow, and Karheinz Stockhausen, among others.

Maroney plays what he calls hyperpiano, which involves bowing and sliding the strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, Tibetan prayer bowls, rubber blocks and CD cases, and gives him a unique sonic vocabulary. He also uses a system of temporal harmony based on the undertone series that allows him to improvise and compose in several tempos at once.

Fold and unfold is part of Lindberg’s new series, Building Drawings, which blurs the lines between drawing, sculpture, textiles, and conceptual art on an architectural scale. Drawn graphite fields anchor room-sized installations created in fine chromatic thread to create a subtle, rhythmic, abstract, and immersive optical and spatial phenomenon that shifts the physical and emotional geographies of both the space and viewer.



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