Chandler Travis Philharmonic to Play at Musica

Chandler Travis Philharmonic (photo Cliff Spencer)

Chandler Travis Philharmonic (photo Cliff Spencer)

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – The Chandler Travis Philharmonic performs a free concert at Musica on Sunday, June 12, at 3pm. The ensemble, a nine-piece ensemble from Boston that includes a horn section, string bass, keyboard, mandocello, guitar, drums, accordion, and singing valet, plays an eclectic, melodic brand of pop and rock, a self-described “alt-Dixieland omnipop” and the “missing link between the Kinks and Sun Ra,” which should also appeal to fans of NRBQ, Joe Jackson, and They Might Be Giants.

Chandler Travis is best known for his band the Incredible Casuals, as well as earlier work with Travis Shook and the Club Wow. He has appeared with Elvis Costello, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, John Cale, Bonnie Raitt, NRBQ (Terry Adams and Al Anderson played on the first Philharmonic album), Charles Mingus, the Beach Boys, Allen Ginsberg, the Replacements, George Carlin, Of Montreal, and others.

The band released its debut album, “Let’s Have a Pancake,” along with 26 other website-only full-length CDs (the improbable and ground-breaking RadioBall series) in 2000 as a means of welcoming in the new century; five more “official” Philharmonic releases followed, all on the Sonic Trout label, the most recent being 2015’s “Bocce & Bourbon: The Comfortable Songs of Chandler Travis & David Greenberger,” which also features work by most of Chandler’s other projects (including the Incredible Casuals, the Chandler Travis Three-O, and the Catbirds).

Musica is located at 17 N. 4th Street in Hudson. There is no charge, but donations for this series will be accepted and encouraged.





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