Trio Exhibition Opens at Lauren Clark Fine Art

David Eddy,  Girl with Flower, acrylic on panel

David Eddy, Girl with Flower, acrylic on panel

(GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass.) – “Color Envy,” featuring works by David Eddy, Julio Granda, and Douglass Truth, opens at Lauren Clark Fine Art, with an artist’s reception on Saturday, August 6, from 4 to 7pm. The works will remain on view through Sunday, August 28.

In conjunction with the exhibition, performance artist Douglass Truth will present his one-woman show “An Intimate Evening with Death, Herself,” at the gallery from Thursday, August 11, through Sunday, August 14. In the show, Dorothy, a middle-aged waitress, meets Death in a bar. He’s unhappy, bored, and ready for something new. So is she. They repair to a Denny’s Restaurant for a snack. And, after 49 solid days in a back booth at a Denny’s restaurant, she replaces him.

As Dorothy herself says, “We met. One thing led to another — as usual — and now I’m it. Death. And with all due respect for the previous occupant, our new regime is going to be all about a friendlier face for Death, including education, outreach, and much more.”

As one example she cites the new Death Pre-Registration Card that allows you to set up an account, get a minion assigned to your case, as well as make a list of your life regrets before you die. “It’s amazingly handy and easy to use,” says Dorothy.

Death Has a New FaceWhile Death is unfortunately still mandatory, Dorothy claims that there are exciting new options and upgrades in the works. “You can’t cheat Death,” she says, “but you can work with me.”

Douglass Truth is a painter, writer, and performer. He has been represented by galleries in New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Indiana, and California. He is the author of three books: “I Am a Dog,” “Revolution of Flowers,” and “Everything I Know about Death, Subject to Verification.” Truth lives — for now — in Nevada City, Calif., but is contemplating opening a small teahouse somewhere in Montana.


Exhibition notes:

David Eddy paints wild and wonderful work, haunting and imaginative, managing to make portraits that are sweet and somewhat creepy at the same time. Self-taught, he pours a palpable raw energy into his painting-often chasing after images that reveal themselves during the creative process. Delightfully unique faces peer out at the viewer and areas of dazzling yet subdued color show through his scrapings and burst into life across the picture plane.

Julio Granda refers to his latest body of work, painted for this show, as “Feral Nebulae”.  Tiny, rich works thick with paint coming in and out of focus as starscapes and abstractions.  For Granda feral is as much akin to freedom as it is to wildness, and these paintings reflect this theory. His is an expansive view which includes the very definition of nebulae; as quoted from the New Oxford American Dictionary, “A cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter.”

Douglass Truth, Dream of Persimmons

Douglass Truth, Dream of Persimmons

Douglass Truth on his work as a painter: “In my paintings, writings and performances, the harlequin, the clown, and other, more mysterious (to me, at least) characters show up to show us, in ways difficult to articulate in our normal linguistic fashion, in which directions we might be coming from, and which we might be going to. To encourage us to take a deeper look, not into the fashionable recreations of the other-worlds and under-worlds that can be found without looking very hard, but into what’s really going on around us in the corner grocery store, our kitchen, our place of work, the cities in which we somehow, miraculously, find ourselves living.”







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