Spin Doctors’ Chris Barron to Bring Solo Show to The Barn

Chris Barron

(SOUTH EGREMONT, Mass.) – Chris Barron, best known as lead singer of Spin Doctors, brings his acoustic guitar and witty original pop-rock tunes to the Egremont Barn on Friday, May 12, at 8pm.

Long before he was that goofy guy in the hat on MTV, Chris Barron was an even goofier kid with an acoustic guitar. Barron plays nifty chords on an old Gibson to masterfully crafted songs that are poignant yet wistful and funny, all the while singing in a manner that’s sweet and somewhat different from what you would expect if you only knew him from Spin Doctors’ hits such as “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” and “Two Princes.”

A powerful story teller, at once hilarious and thought provoking, Barron sets up his songs with anecdotes from a life on the road, from opening for and encountering legends like the Rolling Stones to polar expeditions. Barron says, “I don’t really think about what I’m going to say beforehand. I just say stuff and if it goes over well, I say more stuff like that later.”

A founding member of Spin Doctors, Barron’s solo shows have all the lyric poetry and singing virtuosity that Spin Doctors fans appreciate, along with a wide range of expression and intimate songwriting.






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