Democrats Need to Unite for Victory Now

by Seth Rogovoy

The Democratic candidates for president need to stop running against each other and unite in one single task: to defeat Donald Trump. This should be the sine qua non of their campaigns. When they run against each other, they make themselves look small and ineffectual, like Lilliputians turned against each other rather than united to defeat Gulliver. Trump is the 10,000 pound gorilla in the room, and to ignore him while chastising each other for every difference of nuance in policy or nuance of speech or nuance of past employment serves only to diminish the whole pack while Trump appears larger, greater, leagues above these puny, niggling wannabes.

The GOP is totally united for Trump, and if the Democrats continue to fight amongst themselves, they will die by a thousand cuts. They need to come together, draw up a simple, basic Democratic platform on which they all can agree (while leaving room for individual nuances and accepting the realities of a political system with three branches of government and the need for compromise – a reality to which contemporary Republicans do not ascribe), and campaign together on that platform and against Trump at every step of the way.

By doing so, the candidate with the best ability to make the case in favor of the Democratic platform and the candidate with best ability to make the case against Donald Trump will emerge. At which point everyone needs to fall in line and support the emergent party leader and work as a team, a group, a rump administration, to defeat and replace the true enemy of the people, the current occupant of the Oval Office.

In just a few weeks or so, impeachment will die in the Senate and Trump will once again claim victory and full exoneration. The Democrats will be left standing looking like losers. And indeed, they will be losers. There is no room in this fight for anything less than victory. But the way things look right now, the Democrats seem bent on a suicidal course of self-destruction.


Seth Rogovoy is an author, radio commentator, and publisher/editor of The Rogovoy Report.



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