Flamenco Festival Kicks Off Season at PS21

Patricia Guerrero (photo Juan Conca)

(CHATHAM, N.Y.) – Beyond Flamenco,” a mini-festival of contemporary flamenco, kicks off the spring season at PS21 on Sunday, March 15, at 6pm, with Proceso Eterno (Eternal Process), featuring dancer-choreographer Patricia Guerrero. flamenco guitarist and composer Dani de Moron, vocalist Sergio El Colorao, and percussionist Agustin Diassera. On Friday, March 20, at 7pm, Eduardo Guerrero, the innovative modern master of Spanish dance, performs in Desplante, an intimate and dramatic blend of flamenco styles that revolves around 19th-century mining songs from the Sierra Cartagena region.


Flamenco has a convoluted history, originating with the Romani people in 18th century Southern Spain. Like the Romani, who are derogatorily known as Gypsies, the flamenco art form’s history is layered in mystery, myth, and misinformation. Today, a new generation of younger artists is redefining flamenco for the 21st century. Proceso Eterno (Eternal Process) combines modern and traditional elements of flamenco into a choreographic stream of consciousness that is both playful and contentious, performative and private.


Patricia Guerrero, born in Granada in 1990, and Eduardo Guerrero, a thirty-six-year-old native of Cadiz, are two dancer-choreographers who embody the changing face of flamenco.
Guerrero will be accompanied by the rich voice of Miguel Rosendo and the sensual guitar of Javier Ibanez, in a performance described as the very essence of flamenco dance. A dancer since the age of six, Eduardo Guerrero’s style combines fury and elegance, athleticism and flawless technique.


The spring season at PS21 runs from March 15 to June 7 and features work by a diverse and distinctive group of international and US-based artists, the kind who inspires intellectual exploration and creates a cultural destination embedded in community collaborations.


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