Helsinki Hudson Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Workers

(HUDSON, N.Y., March 13, 2020) – Helsinki Hudson has launched a community crowdfunding campaign to raise funds in support of members of its staff who have lost income due to the COVID-19 medical emergency. The campaign, called Help Support the Staff at Helsinki Hudson, uses the GoFundMe platform and is available at

All proceeds raised will be distributed directly to Helsinki Hudson staff members who have lost work due to the pandemic.

Helsinki Hudson restaurant, nightclub, and event space shuttered its doors on March 13 for the safety of its staff, patrons, and the general community. While a small handful of essential, full-time employees continue in their jobs, working from home managing Helsinki’s daily affairs and planning for the future, many of the venue’s long-time kitchen staff, servers, bartenders, and nightclub personnel will remain without work until the threat passes and Helsinki Hudson is able to reopen.

In a prepared statement, the owners and management team at Helsinki Hudson said, “Those of you familiar with Helsinki Hudson know that our remarkable crew is especially devoted to the work they do and what they contribute to both artists and the community. Many have children and extended families they support. It is with gratitude that we humbly ask you for support for them as they weather this storm.”

“We are asking you to please consider a donation to our large Helsinki staff. As you can imagine, they are, as part of the service industry, enduring horrible strain. And the truth is that this pain may persist among both musicians and the service industry for a prolonged time.”

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