Hudson Emergency Cultural Task Force

The Emergency Cultural Task Force (ECTF) is an effort launched by the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC) to assess the needs of the city’s arts and culture community posed by the COVID19 crisis, and to determine what efforts might be taken to help our community now, in the short term, and in the long term. The ECTF is just one of several subcommittees the HDC has created to bolster various threads that make up Hudson’s community fabric, e.g., hospitality, financial, housing, retail, etc.

The ECTF is made up of volunteers and has no budget, nor does it have a grant-funding mechanism of its own. It hopes, however, to foster awareness of various ongoing efforts in the city, region, and nation that could provide assistance to our arts and culture community.


The ECTF has a regular, weekly Zoom meeting on Tuesdays at 3pm to which everyone is invited (see social media or City of Hudson’s meeting calendar for details). The ECTF also has its own email forum, which can be joined by going to!forum/hudson-cultural-task-force/join

To join our Zoom meeting on Tuesday, April 21, at 3pm:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 972 7312 5560
Password: 009933


The HDC appointed Tambra Dillon of Hudson Hall, Linda Mussman of TSL, and David Voorhees of the Jacob Leisler Institute to the Emergency Cultural Task Force, with HDC board member Seth Rogovoy coordinating the effort for the time being.

Ideas and volunteers are invited and welcome.




Telethon, drawing on region’s celebrity connections

Platform for art being made now (see Open Studio Hudson / Jane Ehrlich)

Reopening event(s), festival, marketing – The Hudson Tourism Board is also exploring this

Online calendar for events

Use our community cable TV channel

Use shop windows for citywide art exhibition ASAP

Create a citywide cultural-based WPA-style project.

Podcasts featuring artists

Address getting around Hudson – sidewalks, transportation.

Share mailing lists.

Slack channel for information-sharing



Hudson Arts Coalition (HArC)
Adam Weinert

The Hudson Eye
Jonah Bokaer and Aaron Levi Garvey

COVID19 Resources Page


TSL (Time & Space Limited)
Linda Mussman and Claudia Bruce

 TSL Comfort Food Supper: Pick-Up & Delivery


Open Studio Hudson
Jane Ehrlich

Hudson Business Coalition / VisitHudsonNY


Hudson Arts Community
Filiz Soyak

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Live streaming Mondays at 7:30pm

Hudson Common Council’s Tourism Board




COVID19 Grant Links

COVID-19 Relief Resources for SMBs

Create & Cultivate’s COVID19 Content Hub

Artist Relief





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