Virtual ‘Rally’ on Police Reform to Include Broad Spectrum of Speakers

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson, civil rights attorney and activist Mark Mishler, retired NYS Investigator Joyce St. George, Chatham Village police chief Peter Volkmann, and others will be taking part in a livestream Zoom Forum on Saturday, August 29, 3-5pm, to discuss the power of citizens to reclaim the criminal justice system, increasing transparency and accountability over local law enforcement.

This livestream Zoom Forum will have a broad spectrum of speakers, representing various aspects of law enforcement; criminal investigators, public health, attorneys with extensive experience with police, judicial and political corruption, and institutional racism; Handy family members; activists and community organizers.

This bipartisan panel will explore the current dysfunction of the system and how to demand justice, reform, accountability, transparency and re-appropriation of funds. It will be followed by a Q&A session and resources will be provided to support increased community involvement.

Other presenters include retired NYS Investigator Diana Benoit; Jen Handy; Columbia County Supervisor Michael ChameidesDr. AnnaMaria Assevero; Reverend Kim Singletary; paralegal immigration activist Jarin Ahmed; and community organizer and activist Randall Martin.

The action was initially inspired by the Rosentrach/Briscoe 4th of July party that left Harrold Handy severely injured but will address the need for general criminal justice reform and legislative transparency. Seven weeks later, no charges have been filed in the Handy case.


More information and registration for the event are available here.




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