Sean Rowe Brings Gritty Folk-Rock Poetry to the Foundry

Sean Rowe

(WEST STOCKBRIDGE, Mass.) – Singer-songwriter Sean Rowe will bring his gritty folk-rock poetry to The Foundry on Saturday, September 5 at 7:30pm. A throwback to 1970s-era soulful rock poets like Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison, Rowe boasts an impossibly deep and rich baritone, a gift for melody, and a knack for the perfectly hewn image to get across his haunting, brooding folk-rock anthems.

Rowe’s spare, organic approach and poetic simplicity at times recalls Greg Brown, another folk-rock poet with a deep growl. Other influences include Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker and Ray Charles, all of whom can be heard in Rowe’s vocals, rhythms, and percussive guitar playing.

Like Richard Thompson, Rowe is a veritable one-man rock band. He has found ways to simultaneously fill the roles of drummer and bassist in addition to guitarist – in his case, both lead and rhythm – and vocalist. And with a minimum of electronic effects, Rowe presents a veritable wall of sound.



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