Group Show Features Works by 30 Hudson Artists at Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Artwork by Jessica Willis (photo David McIntyre)

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – Jewel the Wound, a group show featuring the work on plywood of 30 artists, opens with a reception at Hudson Milliner Art Salon on Saturday, October 3, at 5-8pm. The exhibit will also be on view online at Hudson Art Fair, which is co-presenting the exhibition and the associated fundraiser in support of social justice. The exhibition will remain on view through Friday, November 6.


The exhibition will feature work by world-class, emerging, and underrepresented artists, including Tschabalala Self, Huê Thi, Michele Quan, Myron Polenberg, Chris Freeman, Scout Pines aka Brian Bruno, Lucy Welch, Baju Wijono, Ife Cobbins, Charlotta Janssen, Chiarra Hughes, George Spencer, Pauline Decarmo, Ntchota Badila, Louise Smith, Tom McGill, Sienna Reid, Jane Ehrlich, Shannon Greer, David McIntyre, Jessica Willis, Gail Peachin, Andre Juste, Jeremy Bullis, Reggie Madison, Michael Larry Simpson, David Konigsberg and Terence Mulligan.


Inspired by Hudson artist Myron Polenberg’s observation that “Plywood is the canvas of the movement,” the show will bring together a diverse group of artists creating original work on plywood. As if stripped from boarded-up storefronts in Oakland, Detroit, Minneapolis, or any American city where people care enough to risk their safety in defense of others, the work will speak to the turbulent times where two pandemics – coronavirus and systemic racism – have collided.


Artwork by Tschabalala Self (photo David McIntyre)

“The title ‘Jewel the Wound’ refers to the unique ability of art and artists to illuminate injustice, societal wrongs, and trauma,” says curator David McIntyre of Hudson Art Fair. “Just as we jeweled the wounds of 9-11 by shining lights in the sky, we are jeweling the wounds of police brutality and systemic racism, converting them into beacons for change and transformation.”


A minimum of 25% of sales of the artwork will be donated to local and regional organizations fighting racial, social, and environmental injustice.







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