Hudson Eye Festival 2021 Expands Diversity and Outreach

Artwork by Baju Wijono

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – This year’s The Hudson Eye, an annual festival of arts and performance, features a diverse array of artists in free and ticketed events at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues throughout Hudson from Friday, August 27, to Monday, September 6.


Artists include Claudia Bruce, Pauline DeCarmo, Shelley Hirsch, Reginald Madison, Linda Mussmann, Kris Perry, Emily Ritz, Lydia Rubio, Baju Wijono, and many others. Participating venues include Basilica Hudson, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson Area Library, Hudson Hall, Hudson Milliner Art Salon, Olana State Historic Site, The Pocketbook Factory, Second Ward Foundation, Time and Space Limited, and many others.


Click here for a guide to daily festival events.


Arranged by curator Aaron Levi Garvey and presented by Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation, The Hudson Eye curatorially frames 26 participating artists with performances, exhibitions, and a Hot Topics humanities symposium co-organized by Operation Unite NY confronting nine issues spanning global topics at a local level. The initiative steers an anonymous $50,000 local matching grant to Hudson, encouraging participatory giving from citizens, with a strong focus on economic development through the arts.


Artist-performer Emily Ritz

“As communities of the world work to re-enter a semblance of normalcy, catching up on what often could be read as ‘the stolen year,’ we must overcome these hurdles, celebrate life, and continue to reflect upon both the heights of our leaps – and those fallen,” said Aaron Levi Garvey, festival curator. “Reflection is the modality that can advance us all into the next era of being compassionate and aware all people willing to jointly strive for a better tomorrow.”


The Hudson Eye will continue to be guided by a strong focus on venue safety and public health, by leveraging both outdoor experiences and timed ticketing, offering attendees the ability to remain socially distant to their comfort level. This year’s festival will include its signature “Map It Yourself” self-guided tour that allows festivalgoers to explore Hudson on foot, via walkable public art installations and festival venues, once again designed by venue safety architect and designer Anna Savino.


This year’s program features public art by Native American visual artist Jeffrey Gibson. His work will incorporate texts exploring the spiritual histories within the region and personify the landscape of the Hudson River Valley. Statements and texts verbalize the experiences and events that this land has borne witness to, as well as the scope of observation that the land retains. Gibson’s multiple installations will allow viewers to gain a sense of reflection by contemplating the picturesque landscape, while understanding that the land is indeed alive – feeling, seeing and hearing – and will persist long after we are gone.



Kris Perry’s sculpture ‘Mother Earth’ at Rockaway Beach, N.Y., August 12, 2020 (photo Angus Mordant)



Cory Arcangel, Visual Artist

Claudia Bruce, Theater Artist

Tom Clarke, Poet

Pauline DeCarmo,Visual Artist

Jeffery Gibson, Visual Artist

Jacob Graham, Puppeteer

Shelley Hirsch, Performance Artist

Huê Thi Hoffmaster, Visual Artist

Jennie C. Jones, Visual Artist

Reginald Madison, Visual Artist

Christian Marclay, Visual Artist

Barbara Marks, Visual Artist

MMS, Musician

Linda Mussmann, Theater Artist

David Norsworthy, Choreographer

Kris Perry, Sculptor

Padma Rajendran, Visual Artist

Emily Ritz, Musician

Daniel Rothbart, Visual Artist

Lydia Rubio, Visual Artist

Aïda Ruilova, Visual Artist

Skyla Schreter, Choreographer

Joe Sultan, Visual Artist

Concrete Temple Theatre, Theater & Puppetry

Baju Wijono, Visual Artist

Monsieur Zohore, Visual Artist





Basilica Hudson, 110 S. Front Street

Carrie Haddad Gallery, 622 Warren Street

Chris Davies Atelier, 362-1/2 Warren Street

D’Arcy Simpson Art Works, 433 Warren Street

Elevated Matter, 362-1/2 Warren Street

First Presbyterian Church of Hudson, 369 Warren Street

Hudson Area Library, 51 N. 5th Street

Hudson Hall, 327 Warren Street

Hudson Harmonic, 21 N. 6th Street

Hudson Milliner Art Salon, 415 Warren Street

Incident Report, 348 Warren Street

Lightforms Art Center, 743 Columbia Street

Olana State Historic Site, Cosy Cottage 5720, NY-9G

Pamela Salisbury Gallery, 362-1/2 Warren Street

The Pocketbook Factory, N. 6th Street

Rip Van Winkle Bridge, New York State Bridges Authority

Riverfront Park: Rick’s Point, 108 Water Street

Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation, 403 Warren Street

Second Ward Foundation, 71 N. 3rd Street

SEPTEMBER Gallery, 449 Warren Street #3

Skywalk, New York State Bridges Authority

Susan Eley Fine Art, 433 Warren Street

Thomas Cole National Historic Site, 218 Spring Street, Catskill, NY

Time and Space Limited, 434 Columbia Street

The Wick, 41 Cross Street

Window On Hudson, 43 S. 3rd Street

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