TSL Presents Multimedia Sonic Composition, Improvisational Quartet Manali, in Hudson, N.Y.

Minali (courtesy TSL)

Time and Space cofounders Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce join forces with sonic landscape artist John Moletress for “these three together,” a multimedia sonic composition exploring a meditative use of language to make statements about seeing & saying, weather reports, time & space, and how to move from the meaning of words to the sound of words as a way to create stories outside the narrative, on Saturday, June 18, at 7pm at TSL in Hudson, N.Y.

Also at TSL next Thursday, June 23, Pennsylvania-based improvisational quartet Manali brings its open-ended mix of indie-rock, jazz, psychedelia, and reggae, which comes out sounding like a blend of the Doors and the Feelies.

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