The Rogovoy Report Finds a New Home on Substack

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – The Rogovoy Report, the long-running weekly email digest linking to news, features, and the arts, has found a new home on Substack. It is now available as a Substack column delivered free to subscriber inboxes as well as being available for viewing in a web browser at, where it will be permanently archived.

The new Rogovoy Report on Substack will also include a separate, weekly preview of upcoming cultural events, with an emphasis on live performance, highlighting recommended concerts, dance performances, experimental works, readings, and other events of interest. The weekly cultural preview typically is delivered on Thursday, although the schedule is currently being reevaluated.

The Rogovoy Report offers a compilation of news, features, reviews, and commentary from a multitude of sources—newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.—curated by cultural commentator and critic Seth Rogovoywith an unabashedly idiosyncratic point of view that does not claim to be objective and does not hide the biases of its editor.

The Rogovoy Report remains free for subscribers, with the option of a monthly or annual contribution to help defray the costs involved in producing the weekly aggregation of news, features, and must-reading “from around the corner to around the globe,” the “corner” being the Berkshires and Hudson Valley, and the globe being the globe and the universe. The weekly digest is typically delivered on Sunday, although the schedule is currently being reevaluated.

The Rogovoy Report on Substack joins its sister publication, Everything Is Broken, which is devoted to original writing by Seth Rogovoy, including cultural observations and reviews, short essays, rants, manifestos, and other items of interest. Everything Is Broken is a free newsletter, currently published whenever the author has something to say (about once or twice a month). A regular delivery schedule is planned for Everything Is Broken sometime in the first half of 2023.

The move to Substack from MailChimp (which has evolved into more of a tool for marketing than for written communication) was prompted by the built-in efficiencies of the writing-based platform: a cleaner, easier-to-read design; built-in tools for sharing, comments, and voluntary payments; and the simultaneous creation of an e-blast and web page.

The Rogovoy Report e-newsletter and website has roots going back over a dozen years as an adjunct to the late, much-lamented, award-winning Berkshire Living magazine.

The status and role of the current Rogovoy Report website vis-à-vis the Substack websites is undergoing evaluation.



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