Have You Seen This Man?, or, Hudson Keeps Humming Along Without Hallenbeck

Former Hudson Mayor William Hallenbeck Jr.

Former Hudson Mayor Bill Hallenbeck Jr.

by Seth Rogovoy

(HUDSON, N.Y.) – Usually no-show jobs are reserved for professions like dockworker or construction worker. But in this riverside city, even the mayor can be a no-show.

According to civic journalist Carole Osterink, writing in her Gossips of Rivertown blog, two days after it was confirmed that outgoing mayor Bill Hallenbeck lost the election, he packed up his personal belongings, left City Hall, and has never returned.

Nor has he responded to several attempts on the part of Mayor-elect Tiffany Martin Hamilton to discuss issues facing the mayor and the city, or even their transition.

One is put in mind of a child who doesn’t get his way, packs up his toys, and goes home. A sore loser, in other words.

One also marvels at how the mayor could abandon his duties — presumably while still collecting a paycheck – and no one notices and no one cares, and things just keep humming along in Hudson without him.

“Hudson Keeps Humming Along Without Hallenbeck.” Catchy song title, that.

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